SUZUKI GSXR 600, GSXR 750, GSXR 1000 and new Hayabusa

/gsxr Suzuki k8

What is it a Suzuki Gsxr?

/gsxrGsxr: four letters that have revolutionated the language of motorcycle’s racing. Gsxr: four letters with one reverved place on the top. Ride on a Gsxr, and enter in the race!
Design, functionality, power and ease of handing: all these quality make clear the direct links that Gsxr have from the Runaways. Driving a Gsxr mean to understand the language of the victory.
Concentration, pledge, passion, refuse of compromises: in the runaway, Gsxr needs all this things to arrive to the top; on the road, to find new emotions.
Who have got a Gsxr keep in the hand an original part of the Suzuki’s supremacy in the racing: Gsxr mean sports Moto in the most pure form. When the objective is the victory, Gsxr is the way with more passion.

Suzuki Gsxr into the history

GSXR: SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE BORN IN 1985 for match and for the road. Exactly, in the 1985 born Suzuki Gsxr 750, the first super sport motorcycle of Suzuki.
From the model Gsxr 750 the first success are come, in competition and on runaway.
For this great success, Suzuki motorcycle invest in this project, searching for working every year to keep it self on the top of the competitions and for the quality of the road’s motorcycle.
About after 10 years, the first Gsxr 600 and in 2001 born the first Gsxr 1000, a power monster of 160 horses. Suzuki motorcycle continue to get better the model Gsxr to not lose the first objective, that is the victory.

Suzuki moto

Suzuki Gsxr development
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Suzuki Gsxr production

Suzuki Gsxr 600

Suzuki Gsxr 600, the first Gsxr 600 born in 1997
Gsxr 600 SRAD
Gsxr 600 k1-k2-k3
Gsxr 600 k4
Gsxr 600 k5
Gsxr 600 k6
Gsxr 600 k7
Gsxr 600 k8
Gsxr 600 k9

The competitiveness of Gsxr 600 is immediate, because only after 1 year from the debut, Suzuki 600, in collaboration with Yoshimura, droved by Steve Crevier, win the tile of AMA Supersport.
The next Suzuki Gsxr 600 model born in 2001 with electronic injection, more powerful and light that previous Suzuki Gsxr 600.
This is the beginning of new generation of motorcycles Gsxr 600, that every year get better the quality of own characteristic, to remain on the top.
Gsxr 600 K8
is another confirm of the excellent work of Suzuki motorcycle.

Suzuki Gsxr 750

Suzuki Gsxr 750, the first Gsxr supersport born 1985
Gsxr 750 1985
Gsxr 750 1986
Gsxr 750 1988
Gsxr 750 1989
Gsxr 750 1991
Gsxr 750 1992
Gsxr 750 SRAD
Gsxr 750 2000
Gsxr 750 k4
Gsxr 750 k5
Gsxr 750 k6
Gsxr 750 k7
Gsxr 750 k8
Gsxr 750 k9

Suzuki Gsxr 750 born in 1985. Fantastic motorcycle, rapport weight/power excellent for the period, Gsxr 750 impose it own on the concurrent in race, but is an good motorcycle for road too.
Gsxr 750
can confront with motorcycle with superior piston displacement.
This fact derive from the excellent compromise with a rationale weight and a very powerful motor of 100 horses in that period till the 140 horses of Gsxr 750 K7 model, to arrive today with the model Gsxr 750 k9 that continue the story…..

Suzuki Gsxr 1000

Suzuki Gsxr 1000, born 2001 with 160 hp. The Gsxr 1000 k8, 180 cv!!!
Gsxr 1000 k1
Gsxr 1000 k3
Gsxr 1000 k5
Gsxr 1000 k7
Gsxr 1000 k8
Gsxr 1000 k9
Gsxr 1000 l0
Gsxr 1000 l2

Gsxr 1000 born in 2001 with the model k1. Nice, powerful, light, Gsxr 1000 have its debut with 160 horses that push the motor till 100 km/h, without the limiter on the sixth march.
is able to get better in the last 2 year this Gsxr 1000, arriving to win its self limits, creating a motorcycle that can achieve to 180 horses: Gsxr 1000 k5, create in 2005, that till now is on th top.
has gifted Gsxr 1000 K7 in 2007 of double flue and the powerless of the new Gsxr 1000 is incremented, till arrived to a peak, in 2008, with Gsxr 1000 K8, with flues Yoshimura.

Suzuki Gsxr 1100

Gsxr 1100 1986
Gsxr 1100 1989, free online game on moto racesSuzuki Gsxr motoSuzuki Gsx R motocicletagsxr fairing bodyworks

Suzuki Gsxr Hayabusa 1340 k8

New Gsxr Hayabusa 1340 k8. Gsxr Hayabusa, 190 hp
Hayabusa 1300 k6
Hayabusa 1340 k8
Hayabusa 1340 k9

Suzuki motorcycle has presented, in the first days of July, the new Suzuki Gsxr 1340 Hayabusa K8, that arrived in market in July 2007.
With a new design, near on the style of old Hayabusa, Gsxr 1340 Hayabusa K8 is gifted of new colors.
Here the photo of the new Gsxr 1340 Hayabusa K8.

Suzuki B-King

New Suzuki B-King with moto Gsxr 1340 Hyabusa k8. The B-King, 180 hp

B-King: new motorcycle Suzuki that debuts on market on August 2007.
B-King is presented in the first days of July 2007 together with Gsxr 1340 Hayabusa K8.
The new B King has a fantastic line and an innovative design, with a incredible powerful motor, because has the same propeller of Gsxr 1340 Hayabusa k8.
We are impatient to see these naked motorcycle on the road! Here are the photo of new Suzuki B King K8.

Suzuki Gsr 600

New Suzuki Gsr 600, with motor Gsxr 600

Suzuki Gsr 600, motorcycle with Italian form and design, but with Japanese powerful, motor derived from Suzuki Gsr 600, elaborated to offer more couple on low regime.
Born in 2006, Suzuki Gsr 600 is unique for the excellent compromise between a sport motorcycle and a city motorcycle.