Gsxr 750 K9 2009

Info and history of the motorcycles Suzuki Gsxr

GSXR 750 K9: The Original Racer Replica, Reborn

The new Suzuki Gsxr 750 k9Gsxr 750 k9 was born 2009The direct descendent of the first Gsx R 750, the original racer replica.
The Gsxr 750 k9, featuring an advan ced powerplant, tuned chassis and exciting styling, is built to repeat history by setting new standards in racer replica engineering, by delivering open-class racetrack performance in a mid-weight-sized package.

Gsxr 750 k9's engine

Titanium valves749cm3 4-cylinder liquid-cooled engine with race-proven 0.696:1 bore/stroke ratio, from an oversquare 70.0mm x 48.7mm bore and stroke, and with 15,000rpm redline, engineered for high-performance.
Lightweight titanium-alloy valves controlled by single valve spring to reduce mechanical losses.

Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve

Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve SDTVSuzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) fuel injection system improves cylinder charging for a more liner throttle response and increased torque.Long velocity stacks (intake funnels) on each throttle body barrel help improve mid-range acceleration.

Suzuki Drive Mode Selector

Suzuki Drive Mode Selector S-DMSSuzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS) offers instantaneous switching between three engine maps to match personal preference.

Idle Speed Control

Idle Speed Control (ISC) system automatically improves cold starting and stabilizing engine idle.


Trapezoidal, curved radiator provides large cooling capacity without sacrificing aerodynamics.Race-proven back-torque-limiting clutch contributes to smoother downshifting and corner entry.

Gsxr 750 k9's inverted forks

Gsxr 750 k9's Stering DamperGsx R 750 k9's inverted cartridge front forks and rear shock absorber both have adjustable spring preload, rebound damping and high/low speed compression damping.
Electronically controlled steering damper: less damping force at lower speeds, more damping force at highway and racetrack speeds.
3-position-adjustable footpegs to suit riders’ preferences.
Dual front 310mm-floating-disc, radial-mount-caliper brakes, and single rear 220mm-disc brake.

Instrument cluster

Gsxr 750 k9's instrumentGsx R 750 k9's Instrument cluster using a step-motor-controlled analog tachometer, digital LCD speedometer, and LCD and LED indicators including an engine rpm indicator and gear position indicator.