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the new Gsx R 750 G 1986If any one motorcycle can claim to have dominated the world's racing circuits since its arrival on the scene, this is the one - the Suzuki Gsx R 750 - the bike that Michel Mercier rode to the CMA #1 Plate for the Superbike class in 1985 and won the Lemans for 1985.
And the Gsx R 750 1986 comes by its honours honestly. It was born as a bono fide racing machine, then carefully modified by Suzuki's world-acclaimed engineering team, to be the hottest bike around.
In fact, it was actually detuned from 130 to 100 hp to become the sport rider's dream come true... 388 pounds of performance that's unlike anything else in its class.

Suzuki built the ideal engine

Suzuki engineers built the ideal engine for this light, lively Gsx R 750 1986. it's an in-line design, 4 cylinders with 16 valves, 29 mm flat-slide Mikuni carburetors, and the new Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers for fast, clean fuel burning.
It cranks out over 100 hp at 11.000 r.p.m., for on exciting 1:1.76 kg/hp power-to-weight ratio.
No wonder it's burning up the tracks - and burning out the competition!

The Gsx R 750 1986's cooling system

The cooling system in a motorcycle that's so out of the ordinary has to be extraordinary in itself.
The Gsx R 750 combines air end oil in a unique cooling system - air by means of tightly packed cylinder fans, oil in the Suzuki Advanced Cooling System, a new design that uses the seme fluid for cooling as it does for lubrication. The engine runs at 100°C maximum even under extended full throttle. It's lighter in weight, has fewer ports, needs less attention.
The Gsx R 750 puts its energy to the best of use, through a 6-speed, dose-ratio transmission and hydraulic clutch release.

Check these other engine highlights

Check these other engine highlights - and there ore lots of them! Suzuki's Direct Air Intake System uses an extra large 8-litre air cleaner and produces higher intake efficiency. A magnesium cylinder head cover and a 4-into-1 vortex header muffler both save precious weight while improving performance. Cam chain chatter is eliminated with a special cam chain idler sprocket. In fact, just about every component of the power plant hes been designed both to cut weight and boost output.

The suspension system, the frame design and the brake of the Gsx R 750

The suspension system of the Gsx R 750 deserves special attention. In front is Suzuki's Posi-Damp Fork: 4-way adjustable, combining and coilspring shock absorption. On the rear is the new Full Floater Suspension.
Frame design is onother area where the Gsx R 750 shows off its racing heritage.
The tubes are multi-rib extruded aluminum, square in profile. The overall frame weight is a mere 7.8 kg (18 lbs.), yet not one ounce of strength hos been sacrificed. Now, what about braking? The Gsx R 750 has the best onswer yet - Suzuki's exclusive Decapiston system. Eight expanding pistons clomp those 300mm slotted front discs from both sides, so stopping is absolutely unbeatable.
In the rear, two more exponding pistons squeeze a big single disc. Again, safe, controlled stopping power! As a result, you have the best of all worlds - cruising comfort, solid cornering, and complete confidence in your bike's ability to cope with any street in the world.

For 1986, new styling touches mark the evolution of the Gsx R 750

You'll see a new solo seat along with a new single-piece seat design. New vents on the bottom fairings. A new muffler shield. Bold new colour schemes in white with blue and red with black. Yes, even new radial tires from a famous maker, to keep you rolling longer, more safely. And then there are all those features that add up to big excitement. Specially designed foot pegs. Transistorized ignition. Foam-mounted instruments.
And a slim, low to the ground profile that lets you lean into a corner at a 55° angle!
So it's no wonder the Gsx R 750 has so completely dominated the Endurance racing scene since its birth. And no wonder so many sport riders have taken the Gsx R 750 to their hearts, all round the world. Because this is a "world class" machine - in every sense of the word.


"Limited" in Every Way but Power and Personality!

From the racing-type radials to the gold-plated chain, from the gun-coat engine finish to the racing numbers... everything about the new Suzuki Gsx R 750 R Limited Edition tells you it's one-of-a-kind! In fact, features are the rule, not the exception, on this track-ready, high-performance machine.
That gold-plated chain, for example, is the first ever offered an a production bike. You can select your own racing number, thanks to the two complete sets that come with the Gsx R 750 R. And from the classy blue wheels to the racer-type seat and tail cover, this one's designed to make itself noticed in the crowd.

Gsx R 750 R's performance

But performance is the true measure of a motorcycle's personality. And the Gsx R 750 R is built for one purpose: to lead the field. Its powerful 749 c.c. 4-cylinder, TSCC DOHC engine uses Suzuki's Advanced Oil Cooling System (SACS) to mointain the most efficient operating temperature no matter how hard you push it. And three factors contribute to its incredible response and control out there on the track.
First is a racing-type clutch lever with adjuster and dry clutch, to deliver oil its awesome engine power through to the road.
Next mounted to the new electrically activated front forks (NEAS) comelhose big 310 mm floating front disc brakes, engineered to resist heat worpage under the severest use.
Suzuki engineers have even installed a specially designed hydraulic brake hose for reassuring reliability. Finally, a unique three-point steering damper gives you amazing control at high-speeds. So you can lay on the throttle with a whole new kind of confidence!

Now, run your fingers over the engine.

The surface has been precision-sand blasted to give it a unique sand-casting look. And that extra touch is typical of the care and concern Suzuki has devoted to building this extraordinary machine.
When you think about it, the all new Suzuki Gsx R 750 R Limited Edition is just as unique a personality as you ore.
And just as exciting to know!

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