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Gsxr 600: the new 600

Gsxr 600Suzuki moto performed the same engineering feats with the 2001 Gsxr 600 k1 as it had with the '97, heavily basing it off the Gsxr 750 of the same generation. It worked, again. For 2001, the third generation of Gsxr 600 arrived, though it was almost overshadowed by the introduction of the Gsxr 1000.

The Suzuki Gsxr 600 k1 was a virtual clone of the Gsxr 750, same bodywork, seat, wheels, brakes, and general layout. The frame was very similar to the Gsxr 750's, but it was lightened in places to match the lower output of the engine. Gsxr 750's cylinder blockThe fork remained a conventional Showa cartridge unit but was given the same weight-saving process that was afforded to the Gsxr 750's upside-down fork.

The swingarm was derived from the old bike's, again without the bracing of the Gsxr 750's, and it was 20 mm longer than the previous Gsxr 600's. New four-piston front brakes were lighter as well; the old Gsxr 600 never got the six-piston Tokicos of the Gsxr 750. In other words, all the hard work that went into the 2000 Gsxr 750 was, by duplication, put into the Gsxr 600 k1 .

However, the engine was significantly different. Gsxr 750's braced swingarmSince Suzuki moto had gone to the new single-piece cylinder block/upper crankcase casting, a new casting had to be created for the 67 mm-by-42,5 mm bore and stroke. The block was slightly shorter, and the head, though the same width and length as the Gsxr 750's (which facilitated sharing parts), was different. The valve angles were slightly wider - 28 degrees to the Gsxr 750's 25 - and the intake ports weren't quite as vertical.

The compression ratio was slightly higher, at 12.2:1. Below, the Gsxr 600's components were incrementally downsized from the Gsxr 750's but shared the architecture.
On the dyno, the new Suzuki Gsxr 600 k1 broke the magical 100 hp mark for 600s, if only by a little. It was the second bike to wear fuel injection in the Gsxr 600 class-after the ill-fated Triumph TT 600-and the first to break 100 hp. The Gsxr 600 k1 staked its claim.