Gsxr 1100 K

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The 1989 Gsx R 1100the Gsx R 1100 KImagine more torque than you ever thought possible in a package so light and nimble it responds more like a 600 than an 1100.
Imagine rewriting the rules of the big-bore sport bike class. Again.
The 1989 Gsx R 1100 K is the most remarkable sport bike ever made. Like the previous Gsx R 1100 K. the new 1989 Gsx R 1100 K completely redefines the meaning of bigbore performance.
But that's about all the old and new 1989 Gsx R 1100 Ks have in common.

A bigger, more refined engine for massive torque

More torqueThe 1989 Gsx R 1100's bigger 36mm Slingshot carbsThe new 1989 Gsx R 1100 engine has 75cc more displacement than last yearFirst, the engine. The new 1989 Gsx R 1100 K engine has 75cc more displacement than last year a full 1127cc netted through a 2mm bore and 1mm stroke increase.
The 1989 Gsx R 1100 K also gets Suzuki's Direct Air Intake System, which increases the downdraft angle of the ports, and Cool Air Induction, which draws fresh air through the fairing into the airbox for increased torque.
And, of course, the 4 valve, TSCC, DOHC engine also benefits from SACS. Suzuki's air/oil cooling system made even more efficient this year by an oil cooler that's curved for greater surface area All that, plus a new stainless steel four-into-two exhaust system, an electronic ignition that is unaffected by heat or humidity, bigger 36mm Slingshot carbs and a large capacity airbox.
Add all this up and you've got a massive 81 foot pounds of torque at 7000 rpm, which makes the 1989 Gsx R 1100 K the most potent sport bike Suzuki has ever made

Featherweight among Big-Bores

Aluminum alloy frameThe 1989 Gsx R 1100's frame, based on the Gsx R 750kevin Schwantz on the 1988 Daytona winning Gsx R 750How do you harness that kind of torque? With an aluminum alloy frame that's light but exceptionally rigid, combining state-of-the-art castings with extruded straight-wall tubing.
To accommodate the high torque of the 1989 Gsx R 1100 K, this frame, based on the Gsx R 750, features a strengthened steering head, and a longer swingarm with greater wall thickness and reinforced cross-brace gussets. Despite all this additional chassis support, the 1989 Gsx R 1100 K weighs only 463 pounds, which gives the 1100 a clear advantage over any other big bore.
The 1989 Gsx R 1100 Ks suspension components and running gear are also based on the Gsx R 750. An adjustable Full Floater rear suspension system; a forged aluminum alloy fork with strong 43mm stanchion tubes, adjustable spring and separate, external compression and rebound damping adjusters; chrome moly axles; and super-wide 17-inch cast aluminum wheels shod with low profile Michelin radial tires a 120/70 front and 160/60 rear.
Huge 310mm floating front disc brakes, complete with a racing-designed remote reservoir master cylinder and four-piston calipers, bring the 1989 Gsx R 1100 K to a quick, secure stadstill. And, of course, the 1989 Gsx R 1100 K features the same aerodynamic fairing and swingarm mounted rear fender found on Suzuki's grand Prix racers. The 1989 Gsx R 1100 K: a state of the art battlestar for those who won't settle for anything less than the ultimate sport bike.