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The new Gsx R 1100 1986Gsx R 1100 1986: introducing the fastest, most beautiful motorcycle on the road today!You are probably looking at the fastest motorcycle in its class in the entire world. The new Suzuki Gsx R 1100 - beyond question the most remarkable sport, louring and racing machine ever built.
If you think that's just an idle boost, look at the numbers. From 0 to 400m in just 10.3 seconds, faster than any other production, bike in the one-litre class.
A minimum top speed of 260 km, fastest of any production motorcycle on the road. And 130 horsepower, to go with a weight of just 197 kilograms, lighter than most 750 cc size motorcycles. And to top it all off, the new Gsx R 1100 quite likely ranks as the most beautiful motorcycle on the road today!

The engine awesome

The mighty engine include 4-into-1 exhaust system and advanced coolingThe Gsx R 1100's engine includes SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System)4-stroke, 4-cylinder, 1052 cc, with the new Twin Swirl Combustion Chamber design that has now proven itself for outstanding performance in millions upon millions of miles of competition and cruising. TSCC features two swirl domes in each cylinder, with an intake and exhaust valve in each. So the air-fuel mixture is injected more efficiently, burns more completely, delivers precious extra power on every stroke.
The engine also includes SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System). It uses The some oil for cooling as it does for lubrication, to keep the engine consistently cooler than air cooling systems, by as much as 40°C, even when running at peak throttle for extended periods. This unique system leads to a longer engine life, lighter engine weight because an external water cooling system isn't needed - and, of course, superior engine performance.
Intake efficiency on the Gsx R 1100 is also improved with a hefty 8-litre air cleaner, while its 4 BST carburetors - with adjustable venturi and butterfly throttle valves - provide smoother-then-ever response over a wider RPM range. All this power and response reaches the road through a transmission especially designed for the high-torque Suzuki Gsx R 1100. It includes o smooth hydraulic clutch and a 5-speed, close-ratio box for quick, sure shifting.
So here's another reason why the Gsx R 1100 ranks as the fleetest-footed motorcycle in its class! The riding characteristics of The Gsx R 1100 are absolutely superb...and they all begin with the frame. It has been completely designed by computer, then built in aluminum to match up perfectly to the machine's weight, wheel-base and power. It's some 25% lighter than conventional frames, yet its multi-rib box design makes it for stronger.

Next comes the suspension

New electriclly activated front forks provides improved responseEnclosed-gas rear shock absormer performs more reliably, lasts longerAnd here too, Suzuki engineering has no match. The front suspension uses a new, electronically activated system that instantly senses when the brake has been applied, then signals electromagnetic coils in the forks.
Reaction is instantaneous; nose-dive is prevented; even cornering is made more stable through better control of fork travel. The New Full Floater suspension of the rear is also dramatically improved in the Suzuki Gsx R 1100.
Through a special design, the number of parts has been cut by 35% and weight by 50% - yet the comfort level has been improved from normal riding conditions right through to full compression.

A 10-piston disc braking system

Eight pistons in front and two pistons in the rear - gives the Suzuki Gsx R 1100 herculean stopping power. The front disc is especially worth noting; it's a big 310 mm in diameter, floating type designed to eliminate heat (distortion) even in hard braking. Another brilliant idea: a unique steering damper that adds to stability and control at high speed.
And new radial tires too, especially designed for highspeed traction by one of the world's leading manufacturers.

The Gsx R 1100

For nights riders, Suzuki build in powerful dual Halogen headlightsGsx R 1100's frameGsx R 1100's chassisA new solo seat designNew venting in the lower fairingNow let's stand back and look at the Gsx R 1100 from a bystander's point of view.
First you'll see a new, aerodynamically designed cowling in bold new colour schemes. You'll see new venting in the lower fairing; a new, larger exhaust guard; powerful dual halogen headlamps; a new solo seat design, low to the ground at only 795 mm (31.3 in.). You'll see a new racer-design instrument panel, clean and quick to read. In short (as we said right from the start), you'll see what's probably the most beautiful bike on the road today - in styling, speed, handling, safety and every other motorcycling measure you can apply.
The Suzuki Gsx R 1100. It's everything the sport rider ever dreamed of. Everything!

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